The festival

A multi-day journey where eyes, heart and ears can reach everywhere.

Louder than love

AMA Music Festival is not simply a summer music meeting, it is a multi-day journey where eyes, heart and ears reach everywhere. To remind you where you are the smiles and looks of the people you meet and who share the same enthusiasm as you.
Here anyone can find their place. There are no boundaries and there are no ages: music is for everyone, it belongs to everyone. Some say that AMA Music Festival is… louder than love.


She is always the leitmotif, with all the facets and thousands of variations that only a music festival can awaken. When hands and feet can’t stop, the head just wants to sway to the rhythm, the chords want to warm up and the spirits and voices of thousands of people become one.


On the stage of AMA Music Festival there will be singers and bands – Italian and foreign – with a rock, rap, pop, indie, trap, post-punk, ska, alternative soul, each with their own personal story to tell, for a unique and exciting an adventure.


The festival was born from an idea. Music is a starting point to bring satellite concerts and experiences on the stage that enhance the territory and respect the planet, for environmental and social sustainability represented by five values.

Energy saving


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