For a smooth experience, please carefully read and comply with the terms of use.


Procedura di acquisto: l’organizzatore si avvale esclusivamente dei circuiti di vendita riportati nei canali di promozione ufficiali e nel sito web. Solo tali circuiti sono autorizzati per la vendita dei biglietti dell’evento.

Biglietti nominativi: per gli eventi con biglietti nominativi, in conformità al decreto legge del 27 giugno 2019 contro il “secondary ticketing”, è possibile effettuare il cambio del nominativo dopo l’acquisto. Ogni titolo di ingresso deve riportare il nome dell’effettivo partecipante all’evento, come indicato sul documento d’identità.

Diritto di accesso: l’organizzatore si riserva il diritto di negare l’accesso allo spettacolo nei casi di possesso di titolo d’ingresso irregolare o danneggiato. In caso di smarrimento, furto o danneggiamento, non è possibile ottenere il rimborso dei biglietti o la sostituzione con altri.

Rinuncia e reclami: in caso di rinuncia da parte dello spettatore, non sono previsti rimborsi, né del prezzo dei biglietti né delle commissioni aggiuntive. Eventuali reclami riguardanti il proprio posto devono essere manifestati prima o durante lo spettacolo; non verranno accettati reclami successivi.

Conservazione del biglietto: gli spettatori devono esibire il titolo di accesso a richiesta del personale di controllo in qualsiasi momento durante l’evento. Il biglietto deve essere conservato fino all’uscita dall’area spettacolo.


Audio and video recording: it is absolutely forbidden to record, photograph or film the shows in any way for commercial purposes unless you have formal acceptance from the organization. Short recordings for private use from non-professional equipment are permitted.

Aggressive behavior: it is not permitted to carry out aggressive or harassing acts towards control personnel or other spectators.

Integrity of structures: it is strictly forbidden to damage or tamper with any structure, infrastructure or service within the event area.

Climbing bans: climbing on balustrades, parapets, dividers or other structures not intended for the presence of the public is not permitted.

Access to routes and exits: avoid standing on access routes, escape routes and any other escape route, ensuring a continuous and safe flow.

Access in an impaired state: access will not be allowed to people who are intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, in order to preserve a safe environment for all those present.


According to the security regulations of the Police Force, access to the event area is governed by precise regulations. It will not be permitted to bring into the venue:
– suitcases, trolleys, bags and backpacks larger than 10 liters (about the size of an A4 sheet), helmets;
– umbrellas, walking sticks (with the exception of those with a sanitary function), selfie sticks and tripods;
– spray cans (e.g. mosquito repellents, deodorants, sun creams, etc.);
– drinks and food;
– cans, glass and plastic bottles, water bottles;
– bicycles, scooters, skateboards, skates, hoverboards, etc.;
– own and improper weapons, knives, pointed or cutting instruments, clubs, chains, stones and all objects capable of offending or blunt/dangerous;
– explosive material, smoke bombs, flares, torches, flammable material;
– musical instruments, stadium trumpets, whistles, etc.;
– professional equipment for audio/video recording;
– drones, remote-controlled objects, laser pointers;
– material that disturbs the visibility of other spectators, that interferes with emergency signs or that in any case obstructs escape routes;
– animals of any kind and size with the exception of guide dogs equipped with a muzzle and leash.

È possibile l’accesso all’area con bottiglie d’acqua di plastica (usa e getta), esclusivamente senza tappo, salvo diverse disposizioni in loco dell’organizzazione e/o delle Forze dell’Ordine.

Sono previste perquisizioni personali (anche con l’utilizzo di metal detector). Chiediamo quindi a tutti di collaborare con il personale di sicurezza. Se trovati in possesso di oggetti considerati non idonei a essere introdotti nell’area dell’evento (vedi elenco sopra), tali oggetti potranno essere lasciati (non custoditi) all’ingresso della location o riportati presso i propri mezzi di trasporto.

Non è possibile uscire dal festival temporaneamente.


Entrance is free for children under the age of 13. All minors up to the age of 16 must attend the event accompanied by an adult who has necessarily purchased the ticket. In the case of entry without a companion, no responsibility will be attributed to the organization if problems arise related to this violation.

For reasons of safety and physical integrity of the subject (with the exception of events expressly aimed at them) the organization does not recommend participation to children under the age of 4, an event which is at the total discretion and responsibility of the parents or of those who exercise the authority over the minor. In events with seats, access is free exclusively for children under 6 years of age if held in their arms, otherwise it is necessary to purchase a seat.


Animals of any kind or size are not permitted to enter the area with the exception of guide dogs equipped with a muzzle and leash.


Disabled people have the opportunity to access the shows for free, with their own companion (mandatory) with a paid ticket. To take advantage of this discount it is necessary to make a reservation, at least one month before the date of the concert, by email to attaching the disability certificate (law 104 / Ulss declaration) and specifying the date of the event of interest.

Upon arrival at the location, the disabled person and/or companion must notify the entrance staff who will provide them with directions and support to make the most of the show.


Parking is permitted only in specially marked spaces. It is mandatory to follow the instructions of the personnel in charge to ensure correct arrangement of vehicles and efficient traffic flow. It is forbidden to park in unauthorized areas, on access or emergency roads, or in any way that could hinder the movement of other vehicles: such vehicles will be fined and towed. Drivers are responsible for their vehicle and any personal effects left inside. The organization declines any responsibility for damage, theft or loss.


The organizer reserves the right to change the place, date and/or time of the shows for technical, organizational reasons or for events of force majeure (by way of example and not limited to: storms, earthquakes, general strikes, terrorism, epidemic diseases, etc.). It is the spectator’s responsibility to periodically check the official promotion channels and website for any updates regarding the location, date or time of the show.

In the event that the show program is changed, the purchased ticket also remains valid for the new location, date and/or time of the show. If (1) the start or end time of the show is changed but the event is still held on the same day originally scheduled, or (2) the show location is moved to another location within 30 km and l However, the event is held on the same day originally scheduled, you are not entitled to any refund of the ticket price.


The shows will take place even in case of bad weather. In situations that could compromise the success of the show and put the safety of the artists and the public at risk, the organizer reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the event.


The organization is authorized to cancel the show for technical-organizational reasons or for reasons of force majeure (by way of example and not limited to: storms, earthquakes, general strikes, terrorism, epidemic diseases, etc.). Information on the cancellation will be communicated on the website, on the official promotion channels and in the ticketing circuit. In case of cancellation and/or change of one or more artists, a refund is not contemplated, established only in case of cancellation of the entire day of concerts.


Generally speaking, if applicable, the refund request must be presented at the point of sale or sales network where the ticket was purchased, within 10 days of the date of the event. It is specified that, unless explicitly indicated, in the event of cancellation of the show, the purchaser will be entitled to a refund of the ticket price only, excluding presale rights, charges, commissions and/or any other additional sum requested and collected by the authorized dealer.

Excluding the cost of the ticket as previously indicated, the organizer declines all responsibility for any costs, charges, expenses or damages incurred or suffered by the spectator due to the cancellation.


The organization declines all responsibility for any damage, lost or stolen objects within the event venue or in the car parks located outside.


Upon entering the area, the spectator gives his consent to the organization and third parties appointed by it to be photographed, filmed or recorded. Such parties will have the right to transmit, publish, license and use any photograph, video, recording or image.


This regulation is contractual in nature and does not replace and/or modify current laws.