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The Offspring


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The rock music stage has witnessed numerous groups who have shaped entire generations with their unique sound and incisive lyrics. Among these, the Offspring undoubtedly stand out, a Californian group that left an indelible mark on the punk-rock scene. Founded in 1984 in Garden Grove, the Offspring have become among the most recognizable and influential of the genre.

The band today composed of Dexter Holland (vocals), Noodles (guitar), Todd Morse (bass), Brandon Pertzborn (drums) and Jonah Nimoy (multi-instrumentalist) began their career playing local circuits in Orange County. The turning point came with the release of “Smash” (1994), an album that topped the charts and gave rise to memorable hits such as “Self Esteem” and “Come Out and Play”.

Over the years they have continued to evolve musically, exploring new sounds without ever abandoning their punk signature. Albums like “Americana” (1998) and “Conspiracy of One” (2000) consolidated their status as pioneers of the punk-rock scene, while Dexter Holland’s lyrics addressed social and personal issues in a provocative way.

In April 2021, they released their tenth studio album “Let The Bad Times Roll”. The album was completed and released in the midst of the global pandemic. The title of the album, which three years ago seemed so appropriate for the moment, turned out to be quite the opposite: since then the story of the Offspring has been exactly the opposite, it’s just been good times. A group clearly determined to maximize their live potential thanks to a multi-generational audience and their shows, a real concentration of gags and setlists of timeless hits, which always sound fresher than ever.