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Young rapper born in 2001, Rhove transforms the urban music scene with his fresh and innovative style. Originally from Rho, near Milan, he plays with his stage name which represents not only his identity, but also his province. From performances in community centers to the top of the charts, he conquers the public with hits such as “Blanc Orange” (2020) and “Shakerando” (2021), demonstrating that success has no territorial boundaries.

His impact goes beyond music: Rhove inspires young people to pursue their dreams, encouraging them to give up distractions and believe in their potential. Passionate about extreme sports, he transmits a message of healthy living and challenging personal limits.

With French influences and prominent collaborations, such as those with Sfera Ebbasta and Emis Killa, Rhove stands out as an important figure in the Italian rap scene. His latest album “Popolari” (2024) is a hymn to determination and the rise from the province to national popularity. With the single “Alè” he continues to be the voice that represents a generation determined to make a difference.