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Marlene Kuntz


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During the 1990s, Marlene Kuntz charted a winning trajectory in the Italian music scene. Founded in Cuneo in 1990 by Riccardo Tesio and Luca Bergia, with the entry of Cristiano Godano the band quickly conquered the public and critics. Their first album “Catartica” (1994) marks the beginning of a brilliant career.

Works such as “Il vile” (1996) and “Ho Killed Paranoia” (1999) consolidate their leading position in Italian rock thanks also to the experimentation of new sounds and collaborations, such as the famous duet with Skin in “The song I write for you” (2001). In the new millennium, Marlene Kuntz continues to innovate, maintaining their status as pioneers of the genre. Projects like “Beautiful” (2009) and albums like “Ricoveri virtual e sexy solitudini” (2010) and “Nella tua luce” (2013) demonstrate their versatility and creativity.

Over the years the group maintains a constant pace of musical and creative production. In 2014 they launched “Pansonica”, followed two years later by “Lunga Expectation” (2016), their tenth studio album. In 2022 they published “Karma Clima”, the result of a project to raise awareness of the climate crisis and characterized by many important collaborations.

With a career full of successes, excursus in the world of cinema and literature, and a continuous search for new forms of expression, Marlene Kuntz are still an iconic presence in our cultural scene today. In 2024, on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of “Catartica”, in addition to the reissue of the album, the tour of the same name will follow which will retrace an unparalleled career on stage.