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Formed in 2019, the Kemama project fuses a rock spirit with the distinctive voice of Ketty Passa and the sound of Marco Sergi and Manuel Moscaritolo, to convey incisive and current messages. Their unique and engaging style gives voice to personal experiences and social complaints, becoming a necessary cry in the face of collective impotence. Their name, a union of the first syllables of the members, reflects the positive essence of the band.

The debut single “Codice Rosso” (2020), with the participation of important collaborators such as Omar Pedrini and Andy from Bluvertigo, represents a choral opposition to violence and loneliness. In the song “Come un body shaming”, Kemama tackle delicate issues that are very sensitive to young people and aim to transform challenges into meaningful art. Their debut EP “Testa o Croce” (2021) is not just rock but a shared emotional experience, a party of emotions that demonstrates that music goes beyond the boundaries of genres. Through artistic and personal growth, the trio has created a musical experience that goes beyond convention, embodying the need to be authentic and express what really matters. Kemama are not just a band, but an expression of freedom and authenticity.