Deer Jade


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Swiss DJ and producer, Jade de Lavareille, better known as Deer Jade, enchants audiences at the most prestigious clubs and festivals in the world with her unique melodic sound, such as “Burning Man” and “Fusion”. For her, music is not just a sound experience, but a mystical journey that transports us through time and space, connecting the universe to the human soul.

Having become a prominent figure in electronic music, she likes to say: “I see music as a cosmic connector, a spaceship that can transport us anywhere and at any time.” She is known for engaging performances and a musical selection that mixes groovy and energetic rhythms, reflecting her wide range of influences. Her presence on stage is charismatic, with an infectious smile and incessant dancing that elevates the atmosphere to extraordinary levels.

The pure energy of Deer Jade transports you on a hypnotic journey, where the boundaries between planet, space and being dissolve, awakening the divinity within. By fully immersing yourself in the moment, you experience a profoundly transformative sonic journey.