Coez & Frah quintale

Coez & Frah Quintale


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In the Italian musical panorama, the meeting of two exceptional talents such as Coez and Frah Quintale is destined to mark a memorable chapter. The collaboration between these two artists, both iconic in their genre, continues to offer the public a unique sonic experience, blended between enveloping melodies and penetrating lyrics.

Coez, born Silvano Albanese, won over the public with his unmistakable style, capable of combining the energy of street culture with the sensitivity of the lyrics. Frah Quintale, stage name of Francesco Servidei, has attracted attention for his ability to blend hip-hop sounds with R&B influences, giving the public fresh and innovative music. Their hits delve into many themes including love, emotions, connecting with the emotions of others and the complex emotional world that finds a solution in the ability to invest in relationships beyond all difficulties.

Coez and Frah Quintale, an album together and many love bars: “Lovebars”, certified gold, debuted at 1st place in the charts and contains numerous hits including “Alta mare”, “Che Colpa Ne Ho” and the title track “Lovebars”, certified gold and a song that was very popular among young people.

Their music unites different generations, from lovers of old school hip-hop to enthusiasts of contemporary songwriting, which is why Coez and Frah Quintale’s success has also been reflected in live performances, where they have demonstrated a natural ability to connect with the public.