CCCP AMA Music Festival 2024

CCCP – Fedeli alla linea


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CCCP, also known as “CCCP – Fedeli alla linea”, are one of the most iconic bands of the 80s. A group that marked an era with their provocative sound, poetic lyrics and a unique charisma that made them a milestone in the history of Italian alternative music.

Founded in 1982 in Berlin by Giovanni Lindo Ferretti and Massimo Zamboni, their name is the equivalent of the Russian acronym SSSR, in the Cyrillic alphabet, which already denoted the political approach that characterizes their genre, a punk/rock with new wave sounds , accompanied by texts that are committed and often critical of society.

Their debut album “Affinità/divergenze tra il comrade Togliatti e noi – Del consegna della notte” (1986), became an immediate success. The song “Mi Ami?” it was a generational anthem, a symbol of rebellion and desire for change. Three other very popular albums followed such as “Socialismo e barbarie” (1987), “Songs, prayers, dances of the II millennium – Europe Section” (1989) and “Epica Etica Etnica Pathos” (1990) and the dissolution of the group.

The cultural legacy and influence left by CCCP influenced the Italian musical sphere of that time and in the years to come, never abandoning the hearts of the people. This will lead to various reunions in the following years, until the definitive return to activity in 2023, news that has sparked enthusiasm among fans, eager to relive the raw energy and passion that only they know how to convey on stage. In a time where music often seems dominated by new trends and genres, seeing CCCP again is a sign that the power of their songs and their cultural impact are still alive and vibrant.