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Historic English band formed in Manchester in 1976 by Pete Shelley and Howard Devoto, the Buzzcocks have mixed elements of punk rock, power pop and pop punk since their inception, achieving success with singles that combine mastery and pure energy. Before they became a driving force in 70s music, thanks to bold lyrics about sex and drugs, they made their name opening concerts for the Sex Pistols. Their name, taken from a slogan of the period, represents the essence of the emerging punk movement.

After Devoto’s departure, Shelley takes the helm of the band and thanks to their first record contract they release the singles “Orgasm Addict” (1977) and “What Do I Get?” (1978). The 80s brought the group to a break, however their rebellious spirit remained alive which in 1989 led them to a new phase, with a renewed lineup and Steve Diggle as the lead singer. The group then continues to explore new musical territories, recording new albums and keeping the flame of punk high.

The Buzzcocks make noise even after the painful death of Pete Shelley in 2018, with the publication of their tenth album “Sonics in the Soul” (2022) – a tribute to the indelible power of punk music – and between world tours, important collaborations and various refoundations, continue to bring their indomitable spirit to the stage today.